Stem cell treatment  in Ukraine price and reviews

Stem cell treatment  in Ukraine price and reviews

Today, stem cells are used with great efficiency in all leading clinics in the world.  It is not only about treating a number of serious diseases, but also about skin rejuvenation.  Stem cell therapy will generally improve the health of the body and improve the quality of life.

The value of stem cells

Stem cells are capable of self-renewal for a long time.  In addition, they can be easily modified – to acquire the appropriate specialization, abilities and traits of cells.  That is why it is not at all surprising that stem cells are called nothing more than the “gold reserve” of the human body.

Nature itself has laid in man the possibility of restoration and renewal.  But this possibility persists only until the skin stem cells retain their full functional activity.

According to the results of many years of scientific research, in order to trigger skin renewal, a certain signal should be given to them.  This signal is the introduction of the patient’s own stem cells into the patient’s body.

Stem cells restore the full functioning of the liver, heart, kidneys, lungs, as well as the endocrine, nervous, genitourinary and immune systems.  In other words, the internal problems of the body are easily treatable.

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Thus, you can restore youthfulness to the skin and improve its condition by improving nutrition and stimulating metabolic processes in our body.  In addition, the introduction of stem cells promotes:

  • Improving memory.
  • Improving performance.
  • Sleep normalization.
  • Quick exit from stressful situations.
  • Normalization of immunity.
  • Restore libido.

Agree, all of the above factors are components of the concept of “quality of life”.

Stem cells can transform into different cells of the body with different functions that are characteristic of them.  For example, blood cells or nerve cells have their own specific, narrow tasks.  They spend all their energy on performing precisely these tasks, while not multiplying.  New neurons or red blood cells can arise from stem cells.  A stem cell transplant is a lot like a blood transfusion.

We suggest you familiarize yourself in more detail with the procedure for the procedure.  It is possible to use the spirit of treatment options or a combination of them.

Rejuvenation of body.  Treatment is carried out using the patient’s own stem cells.  This option provides for the introduction of stem cells intravenously or based on the method of angiography.

Rejuvenation  of skin.  To achieve a lasting effect of skin rejuvenation, stem cells can be included in cosmetic procedures.

At the preparatory stage, biomaterial is taken from the patient – about 150-800 ml.  It all depends on the problem being solved.  The duration of this stage is about 30-40 minutes.

The next step is purification and removal of stem cells.  All manipulations are carried out in a special system.  As a result, specialists receive a high concentration of purification products.  It usually contains millions of stem cells.  This stage takes about 30-40 minutes.

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The stem cell preparation is then mixed with the patient’s purified adipose tissue.  Thus, rejection of the injected drug is impossible.  Adipose tissue, together with stem cells, is injected into the appropriate site.  The operation is performed under local anesthesia.  The surgeon then gently massages the skin.

So, with the introduction of stem cells, you can achieve amazing results:

  1. Eliminate skin defects – from hyperpigmentation to scars.
  2. Prevent skin aging.
  3. Eliminate age-related changes – reduced skin tone, wrinkles, spider veins, age spots.
  4. Eliminate the consequences of aggressive procedures or improper care – laser correction, chemical peelings.
  5. Improve overall skin condition.
  6. In addition, stem cells can heal many skin diseases: eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis.

Stem cell treatment and rejuvenation  cost programs:

The cost of stem cell treatment in clinics in Kiev depends on the quality of the services provided and the professionalism of the staff, doze of stem cells, the nature of material and so on/  On average, the price of rejuvenation with donor or own stem cells starts from 4500 USD dollar, the cost of treatment programs using stem cells  starts from 6000 USD dollars.

Please note: the price is shown without hidden fees.

Stem cell therapy reviews

The effectiveness of the technique is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from Mediland patients: “On the advice of a friend, I decided to rejuvenate the skin with the help of stem cells.  The Mediland  doctors provided me with detailed information on how the collection and transplantation of pillar cells will be carried out.  The manipulation was successful, and the rehabilitation period took no more than a week.  Recommend!”  (Albina,  Croatia 50 years old);  “Skin rejuvenation with the help of donor fibroblasts was a real salvation for me.  Friends say that I have grown 15 years younger!  And this despite the fact that the operation was quick and painless ”(Veronica, USA 44 years old);  “Do you want to radically change your life?  I recommend that you try skin rejuvenation with stem cells.  Doctors in Mediland are true professionals.  There was no discomfort and, moreover, no painful sensations.  I was very pleased with the results obtained ”(Olga, Moscow 47 years old).

“ My treatment program in Mediland using stem cells was really successful, I had problems with alcohol intoxication   and problems with liver, now the problem is not so actual, I see the progress” ( John, Spain 36 years).

“ For many years I had suffered from COPD, its rather serious disease, I had different treatment programs in USA but without any result. My last hope was stem cells treatment. After first course of treatment  I became to breath better and muscle spams were disappeared , and my immune system  now is more strength. I plan to visit the clinic once more” ( Federick, USA 53 years)

“ Lame disease made me too weak and I found different tradition and innovation methods of treatment , but any success. I tried to used stem cells treatment, at first visit I felt some improvements: better sleep, I had affords to work a little, I had better concentration.  Then I repeated the therapy twice, and now I return to the work again” ( Janine, Sweden 41 years)


We have many different reviews from  our patient and will prepare separate article about it.

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