Stem cell rejuvenation at the Mediland clinic in Ukraine

Stem cell rejuvenation at the Mediland clinic in Ukraine

The issue of rejuvenation and anti –age procedures that can prolong youth and health have always been and remain relevant for humanity.  People resort to both cosmetic, surgical and alternative methods of recovery.

Our clinic Mediland has been working with technologies for internal regeneration and restoration of the body at the cellular level for over 12 years.  First, we began to work with age-related changes in the skin and muscle tissue, then we advanced to the treatment of local diseases (burns, joints, …), and we successfully continue to expand the range of areas of stem cell use and treatment of various diseases.

Stem cell treatment and rejuvenation in Kiev ( Ukraine)

But, today, we will talk specifically about the rejuvenation of the body, both external and internal.  After all, it is the combination of an integrated approach that can achieve exceptional results in prolonging youth and healthy years of life.

The cells of any living organism, immediately after birth, begin to succumb to mutations, age, lose the function of regeneration and self-renewal.  Additional external and internal factors with which a person is always in contact only aggravate the processes of intoxication, deformation and deactivation of cells.

High-tech engineering has allowed humanity to understand the structure of cellular changes in order to find solutions that can turn back time.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic services of body rejuvenation in our clinic .

Stem cell (fibroblast) rejuvenation in Ukraine ( Kiev)

 Rejuvenation zones

Intradermal administration – (face, neck, décolleté, body zones, scars, and other changes in the skin)

The result of rejuvenation is that mimic wrinkles are smoothed out, deep age-related creases of the skin are leveled, skin inflammation is relieved, scars are softened and leveled, skin tugor and elasticity are improved, the skin looks well-groomed, velvety even without the use of cosmetics.

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Rejuvenation technology using stem cells

A punch test (biopsy) of the skin behind the ear is taken from the patient.  It is this area that is chosen, since it is less susceptible to external changes: sunlight, cosmetic procedures, mechanical influences.  From the material taken from the patient, families of cells that have not succumbed to mutations are isolated in the laboratory.  Then these cells are grown in a certain environment to the required amount for 2-3 weeks (taking into account the required amount for administration)

The ability of these cells, when injected intradermal, is to replace old cells that can no longer independently renew and divide.  Once in the dermis, fibroblasts (grown cells) begin to actively divide, stimulating the production of their own collagen.  Fibroblast treatment does not cause dermatological manifestations or any other complications in the patient, because it is your own building material for skin rejuvenation.

Active division and restoration of the skin regeneration function last for the first 3 months.  Previously, from this time on, the patient already sees external skin changes.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure every 1.5 years, while re-donation of material for cell culture is no longer necessary, since we can store your sample in a cryo bank, as long as you want.

Stem cell rejuvenation (mesenchymal)

Rejuvenation zones:

Intradermal administration – (face, neck, décolleté, body zones, scars, and other changes in the skin)

Intravenous administration – for the rejuvenation of all human systems.

Rejuvenation results using stem cells :

When applied intradermal, mimic wrinkles are smoothed, deep age-related wrinkles of the skin are leveled, skin inflammation is removed, scars are softened and smoothed, post-burn injuries are improved, treatment of various dermatological diseases is improved, skin turgor and elasticity are improved, the skin looks well-groomed, velvety even without the use of cosmetics  …

When administered intravenously, rejuvenation of all human systems, replacement of old cells that are not capable of regeneration with new ones.

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Rejuvenation technology using stem cells:

A special system takes material (adipose tissue) from the patient, from which undamaged cells are removed.  Further, the cells differentiate according to the patient’s need, his disease, complaints.  Mesenchymal stem cells are cultured from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the required injection volume.  The cells can be injected simultaneously both locally and intravenously.

There can be no body resistance, allergies, contraindications, complications in the treatment with mesenchymal cells, because these are your own cells, which are 100% identical to you.

The patient feels an improvement as early as 2-3 days  in the form of activation of vitality.  Protocol treatment gives clinical signs of treatment and rejuvenation after 3 months.  The duration of the effect of treatment depends on the complexity of the disease, its stage, concomitant therapeutic treatment, lifestyle.

We will be glad to receive you for consultation and treatment in our clinic – Mediland in the center of Kiev.  Call or write to us and sign up for a professional consultation on stem cell rejuvenation!

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