Stem cells in clinical use – our strong sides

Stem cells in clinical use – our strong sides

We do not deny that stem therapy is still referred to as experimental in world medicine, this is mainly due to the lack of a large number of clinical trials, primarily due to the high cost of biomaterial. But this is the only one potential direction of medicine, which gives real results in the treatment of serious diseases and conditions.

We guarantee our patients the purity of the product, safety of use, we guarantee the complete elimination of complications, side effects,  because  we control ourselves all processes from material sampling, cultivation, injections and controlling of the result.

Ukraine was one of the first countries in the world to start research with different types of stem cells since 1985 on science level.

In 1999 Ukrainian Parliament approved Law of Ukraine about the Transplantation of Organs and Other Anatomical Structures to Human that regulates the application of fetal ( umbilical and other types) stem cells in treatment of people in severe disease conditions. From those moment were conducted dozens of preclinical study and clinical trials on the efficacy of  stem cells transplantation .This Law reviews introduction of  stem cells into body as transplantation, and the cells themselves as graft.

1)We are the pioneers in the area of cell therapy using cryopreserved, tissue-specific stem/progenitor cells of origin; more than 37 years

2) We have the largest cell banks in Ukraine and have successfully send our bio materials for patients from all over the world including  Poland, Israel, USA, China, UAE, Turkey, Germany.. etc.; On legal collaboration we work with the biggest clinic: Charite Clinic ( Germany) , Israel Medical Centre Shiba, Clinic of Munich University, Mayo Clinic ( USA)

3)Stem cells banking legislation differs from country to country. For example in the USA umbilical cord blood banks` practice is strictly controlled by FDA (organization that is also involved in medicine and food control). FDA approved using some kinds of stem cell in treatment of some diseases!!! In addition, cord blood banks in New-York, New-Jersey and California require additional accreditation to practice legally. Biobank, that doesn`t have such an accreditation, has no right to function at all. In the EU cord blood banks are coordinated and controlled by international organization.  Net cord supported by European Parliament. Net cord both controls the activities of biobanks, and propagates umbilical cord blood banking among people. Ukrainian legislation requires umbilical cord blood banks to satisfy license conditions developed by The Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine. Subject to this satisfaction, the biobank is granted permission for licensed activities such as cells and tissue preservation.

4)All our technologies are patented and protected by copyrights. Our scientific results are published in national and international journals; Cell Biology and Translational Medicine, MDPI, Oxford press, World journal of Stem Cells, Life Science and others expert publications.

5) Our consultants are the leading experts of Ministry of Health and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. We partner with leading Ukrainian Research Institutes;

6) We are the member of the International Society for Cell Therapy (ISCT) , International Placenta Stem Cell Society (IPLASS), International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), International Federation of Placental Research Associations (IFPA)

7) The international quality management system ISO 9001:2015 constantly allows us to monitor and improve the quality of medical services and technological processes in order to meet maximally the needs of our patients. The leading international certification company TÜV Rheinland / LGA InterCert (Germany) conducted an audit for the compliance of our company

8) we are the company that combine: own  medical center 8000 m2, cryobank is located on more than a 1000 m² of a separated biotechnological complex, including its own clinical diagnostics laboratory, PCR laboratory, processing laboratories, research laboratory, quarantine and main cryopreservation laboratory/facility. In addition, the complex includes a round-the-clock logistics service and information support service, client department, as well as departments providing uninterrupted operation of the complex.

The biotechnological complex is equipped with modern equipment, has 24/7 multi-level protection and is capable of operating autonomously for a long time, due to the availability of autonomous systems of life support, generators and additional reserves of liquid nitrogen. Currently, the company employs more than 600 highly qualified staff and attracted specialists.

9) We cultivate more than 30 types of stem cells from different biomaterials (cord blood, umbilical cord, bone marrow, fat, follicles, epithelial tissue, dermis, etc.)  Have a great potential to cultivate the highly differentiated stem cells for regeneration of individual problems with  organs or systems (for example: neural crest, amniotic membrane epithelial cells, chondrocytes, hepatocytes, …). Thus, treatment using such strong stem cells therapy achieves maximum efficiency.

10) We are focused on any patient, and in our value policy we adhere to the direction of a differentiated approach. This means that we can offer different treatment options and their prognosis based on the possibilities of the patients.

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