Stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction

Stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction

Almost all specialists in the field of male health agree to one conclusion – all chronic various male diseases lead to impotence, adenoma or prostate cancer.

In the world, perhaps, there is not a single man whom the term “impotence” would leave completely indifferent. Even the very mention of this disorder can plunge a man into despondency, and the manifestation of any primary sign of erectile dysfunction seems to be something terrible at all.

Impotence, or as it is commonly called today, erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and subsequently maintain an adequate erection, which significantly limits or makes it completely impossible to have sexual intercourse.

According to the most conservative estimates, millions of men in the world suffer from sexual dysfunction, in the United States statistics call the figure 10 million, and according to German scientists, this pathology occurs in about 5 million men, the situation is no better in Russia and Ukraine. Today, impotence occurs in almost 40% of men who have reached the age threshold of 35-40 years. As a separate disease, impotence is quite rare, often, this pathology manifests itself in a number of certain diseases or psychological problems.

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There are quite a few reasons that cause erectile dysfunction:

various inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs and genitourinary system (cystitis, orchiepidemitis, prostatitis, etc.);
hormonal disorders;
insufficient blood circulation in the vessels of the erectile system;
genital trauma;
long-term use of a certain number of medications;
various spinal injuries;
constant stress and depression;
operations of the pelvic organs.

That is, erectile dysfunction can be caused by neurological, vascular, endocrine, medication and a number of other local causes related to the organic type of erectile dysfunction. Also, a form of erectile dysfunction caused by a variety of psychological factors is quite common.

The organic causes of impaired potency include, first of all, the physical inability of the structures that form an erection to perform their functions normally, that is, the pathology of blood vessels, nerve conductors, hormonal mechanisms and the penis. Impotence can be caused by underlying causes such as vascular disease (atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, etc.). Such a disorder of erectile function is also observed with injuries of the genital organs, congenital anomalies of the correct development of the reproductive structure, operations in the pelvic area, some diseases such as Peroni’s disease, etc. Also, organic impotence is provoked by such unfavorable factors as smoking, alcohol abuse, chronic intoxication of the body drugs and psychotropic drugs.

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is inflammatory diseases of the male reproductive system, in particular chronic prostatitis, which a man has suffered. The severe form of this disease, frequent relapses and persistent pain syndrome, often manifests itself in an unstable erection, painful orgasm, or premature ejaculation.

Psychological erectile disorder occurs suddenly and is accompanied by severe instability of an adequate erection while maintaining spontaneous. That is, during various sexual caresses, an erection can be normal, but it disappears at the most necessary moment. Quite often, psychological impotence develops in response to any incident in a person’s life, often it is an unsuccessful previous attempt at sexual intercourse. Some men tend to force the situation and try to constantly change partners. However, such attempts at total control over erection give a completely opposite result, and the syndrome of anxious expectations of sexual failure is also added to the erectile disorder. This state of affairs further aggravates the situation and contributes to the onset of depression or neurosis, which provokes the development of complete sexual inadequacy.


In traditional medicine, there are several main conventional treatments for erectile dysfunction:

drug treatment (antioxidants, vasodilator and vasoconstrictor drugs, hormonal agents);
psychotherapeutic activities;
physiotherapy therapy;
the technique of intracavernous injections of modern vasoactive drugs;
alternative therapy (acupuncture, nutritional supplements, herbs, etc.);
surgical methods for the treatment of vascular insufficiency;
vacuum constrictor devices;
phalloprosthesis implantation.

Cell therapy

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Cell therapy is one of the newest effective methods of treating impotence. Treatment of erectile dysfunction with stem cells is based on the unique ability of cells to form, bypassing damaged, completely new, healthy vascular pathways, as well as to strengthen and completely restore all functions of weak vessels in which adhesions have formed. With local cell transplantation, damaged and destroyed tissues of the erectile mechanism are replaced with new, healthy cells, adhesions are completely absorbed, and a new network of vessels, sprouted bypassing the damaged ones, helps to restore arterial blood flow in the genitals. Stem cells also have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, thus strengthening their psychological state. Sleep is normalized, the general condition of the body improves, a surge of new strength appears, efficiency increases, mood improves significantly, depression goes away and libido increases.

Quite often, men do not want to go to specialists for erectile dysfunction, which, of course, is a huge mistake. Impotence today is not a sentence, it is just a disease that can be cured.

One of the most effective ways to combat erectile disorders is to simply change your usual lifestyle. You should give up tobacco and alcohol, do not use drugs and psychotropic drugs, lead the most healthy lifestyle, eat regularly and properly, monitor your health and play sports. Sex life should be regular, without prolonged abstinence, or any excesses. It is also necessary to pay close attention to those medications that will have to be taken in case of any disease and not to use any medications that can cause various erectile dysfunction. Be sure to consult with a urologist if you have received an injury to the genitals or pelvic area. You should reduce the effects of stress on the body by learning some effective ways to relax and using them regularly.

But the most important thing is to contact specialists as early as possible so that the therapeutic measures are as effective as possible and take as little time as possible.

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