Treatment of first symptoms of erectile dysfunction using stem cells

Treatment of first symptoms of erectile dysfunction using stem cells

Treatment of impotence with stem cells is increasingly being used in clinical practice. Various causes and factors can lead to a violation of potency, which serves as the basis for different approaches and strategies for the treatment of this type of disease. Today, urologists, sexologists, surgeons use different technologies to achieve success. At the same time, treatment is often complex, ranging from surgical interventions to hormonal replacement correction. The multitude of causes leading to loss of libido often confuses doctors and confuses them. This leads to unsuccessful treatment attempts and lack of results. Therefore, accurate diagnosis using laboratory and instrumental methods of examination is extremely important.

causes and factors
hormonal imbalance-
stress and psychological factors
functional and organic circulatory disorders in the pelvic area and genital organs
An interesting fact is that the use of stem cell preparations effectively works in all three of the above etiological factors. But at the same time, cell preparations and protocols for their use are radically different from each other. This confirms the need for a highly qualified doctor and extensive experience in using these technologies.
For example:
In some cases, Leydig Cells are used as local injections in cases where their own analogous cells located in the testicles lose their activity and stop producing hormones.In other cases, systemic cell therapy with preparations of mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells is used to correct hormonal imbalances at the level of the whole organism. Given the above multifactorial, a man with a complaint: “why is the penis not worth it”, should help the doctor with determining the cause of the disease and collecting an accurate history.
How to improve men’s health in Kyiv ( Ukraine)
Often our patients are men with the problem of increasing potency. They, as a rule, have already been consulted by specialized specialists and are already undergoing complex treatment for impotence.
Another category of our patients are men who are afraid of losing their libido due to age-related changes, as well as stress factors in modern life. While working with such groups of men, we have worked out the optimal formula that provides the prevention and treatment of impotence.
Our strategy includes both systemic administration and local injections of stem cells.
As a rule, this strategy helps not only to move the long-standing protracted problem of erectile dysfunction, but also simply to provide an increase in potency in healthy men.
Restoring potency with stem cells
Our course of treatment includes:
– penial stem cell injection into the penis (cavernous penis)
– repeated systemic injections into a vein at the rate of 1 million per 1 kg of body weight.
What are penile injections
A penile injection is an injection of stem cells into the cavernous body of the penis with medicines in order to improve potency. In our case, we use stem cells instead of medicines.

How much does stem cell treatment cost in Kyiv for citizens of Ukraine
During the preliminary consultation, the attending physician will determine the task with you and offer several treatment programs to choose from. The cost of stem cell treatment in Kyiv at Mediland Clinic ranges from 1500 USD  to  10000 USD. The price depends on the volume and age of the grown stem cells, as well as on the number of injection procedures and diagnosis.
Stem cells: the cost of treatment for medical tourists from other countries
The standard protocols we use for citizens of Ukraine provide for a phased, sparing treatment with limited doses of stem cell preparations for 21-35 days.
For patients from abroad who do not have time for a long stay for treatment in Ukraine, we use therapy with increased doses of MSC preparations. In cases of short-term stay in Ukraine, a course of treatment is applied from 3 to 4 days.
Medical tourism program for international patients:
The cytotoxic dose of the cell preparation is more than doubled compared to the standard protocol. This scheme of administration is explained by the fact that in the short term of treatment it is necessary to increase the dose to obtain a stable result on average up to 220%. For example: a foreign patient, instead of the standard dose of 100 million stem cells per injection, receives 220 million. The use of an increased dose is explained by the mechanisms of adaptation and engraftment of SC in the body.
Stem cell treatment in  Kyiv: price for foreign tourists – from 4000 USD ( Local injections) to 12000 USD ( IVF + Local)

What stem cells we usually injected:

  • mesenchymal stem cells of umbilicall cord
  • hemopoietic stem cells of umbilicall blood
  • endothelial progenitor stem cells
  • exosomes

Selection of stem cells, their dosage are based on individual examination, symptoms, current complications.

The average success rate of treatment is about 68-72% ( depends from the age and complications)

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