Stem cell treatment for herpes virus

Stem cell treatment for herpes virus

In modern practice, there are many different methods to get rid of diseases. But the most progressive is the method of stem cell treatment. This method allows you to get rid of many serious diseases, including herpes.

Herpes occurs in two types. One is manifested by a rash on the lips, the other on the genitals. The two viruses are similar and have similar symptoms. At the onset of the disease, bubbles with a clear liquid appear. After the disappearance of the external manifestations of the disease, the virus resides in the nerve plexuses and, under certain conditions, again manifests itself in external signs.

What factors can trigger the manifestation of the disease?

First of all, relapse of the disease is caused by stress, mental or physical trauma, moving with a change in climate, changing the usual way of eating. Hypothermia, overheating, the period after pregnancy, doping or drugs can also provoke a relapse.

Most often, herpes affects the mucous membranes, skin, eyes, and the central nervous system. The virus is transmitted by contact, airborne droplets, through common dishes, a common towel, unwashed hands. The patient during an exacerbation must thoroughly wash his hands. Otherwise, he can infect himself if, after touching the place of the rash on the lips, he touches other parts of the body.

Herpes of the second type, or as it is also called – genital herpes, is transmitted during sexual intercourse. The patient may not have external manifestations, but there is a risk of infection.

Herpes is the most common viral infection, affecting 95% of humanity. It is noted that 30% of infected people show symptoms of the disease. Others may have latent symptoms. The virus may not appear for many years, and with a decrease in immunity, it is activated.

Symptoms of genital herpes are itching, rashes in the form of fluid-filled blisters that turn into sores and erosion. The patient experiences weakness, the body temperature rises, a headache appears, the inguinal lymph nodes increase, urination becomes more frequent, and muscle pain is felt.

The second type of virus is transmitted by contact with a person infected with the virus. One week after infection, the person’s genitals become covered with bubbles. The rash bursts, and ulcers form in this place. They can also form in the urethra. In addition, the patient’s lymph nodes increase, body temperature rises, and his health worsens.

In women, a rash and subsequent erosion can appear in the vagina, on the external genitals, on the cervix.

The virus that causes shingles in adults and chickenpox in children is called herpes zoster. Most often, the virus manifests itself in the fall and spring. The disease causes a decrease in immunity.

Herpes zoster is manifested by fever, headache, vomiting, and nausea. Red spots appear on the body, gradually encircling the entire body. The disease can last more than a month, causing discomfort.

How does the disease occur?

Infection from the mucous membrane of the larynx, for any reason, enters the bloodstream and affects the nervous system and, of course, the skin. The cause may be a cold or injury. Herpes zoster manifests itself on one part of the body or face, in the locations of large nerve trunks. Sometimes the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx are affected.

The disease causes suffering to the patient, the ability to work decreases, the general state of health worsens. During the disease, the body’s immunity weakens and relapses of the disease or the development of other infectious diseases are possible.

To strengthen the body, for preventive purposes, for any type of herpes, you must follow a diet, include fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs in the diet.

Herpes treatment

The treatment for this disease is very complex. It is very difficult to defeat the virus in the human body. Many treatments relieve some of the symptoms, but the disease comes back after a while.

To treat rashes on the lips, ointments are used. They must be used as often as possible, this will get rid of the external manifestations of the disease, relieve pain, and speed up recovery. In addition to ointments, drugs are used in tablets. It is worth remembering that the treatment of the disease should be aimed not only at relieving the symptoms of the disease, but also at strengthening the immune system.

Various specialists are involved in the treatment of genital herpes, therefore, errors in treatment are possible. The administration of immunomodulators, without a preliminary analysis of the immune system, can be harmful, instead of the expected relief, and the frequency of relapses will increase.

In the treatment of genital herpes, injections are used to reduce the number of relapses to twice a year.

Modern medicine has many methods of treating diseases, both proven over the years, traditional, and new. The discovery of the possibility of stem cell therapy is truly revolutionary. This method allows you to restore your state of health even after a disease such as herpes caused by a malfunction of the immune system.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy produces amazing results and is much more effective than other treatments. This is truly a revolution in the field of medicine. The amazing ability of stem cells to restore the body’s defenses makes it possible to heal even a disease such as herpes. The virus is embedded in blood cells and nerve cells and it is impossible to get rid of herpes by conventional methods of stimulating the immune system. And stem cells eliminate the cause of the disease – strengthen the immune system.

After treatment, the disease proceeds without external manifestations. Many of us have experienced the symptoms of this insidious disease – herpes. Now there are methods to get rid of the disease forever without much difficulty.

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