Increased potency, libido, erection using methods of bio technologies

Increased potency, libido, erection using methods of bio technologies

Impotence, erectile dysfunction, sexual impotence – there are so many synonyms for the same problem, which greatly affects the quality of life for men.  If earlier this problem was directly associated with the age of a man, today she does not have age or even clear related symptoms that would define it.

The specialists of our clinic, namely andrologist Svetlana Mikhailovna Gibner, will tell all patients who are faced with such a problem, what methods and innovative technologies we are solving this issue with.

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It has already taken root in our consciousness that the man is the main one in the family, in society, in society, because he is identified with strength, courage, intelligence, steadfastness, stability.  But if you look at a man from the inside of his self-realization, his self-affirmation and narcissism, then male sexual force is the core element.  It is she who is the perpetual motion machine for a man, not only in achieving female attention, but also as a destructive force to overcome other obstacles.

According to statistics, every man over the age of 35 has experienced failure when trying to have intercourse.  For every second man after 40 years, these failures become a regular event that already requires the attention of a specialist.  And only 18-20% of men are ready to discuss it with a doctor.  And there is even more inspiring data – after all, almost 84% of all male patients who turned to an andrologist (sexologist) with a question of erectile dysfunction – decide their own question !!  Then it becomes unclear where the men fear that the problems associated with sexual impotence cannot be solved !!!

We highlight the main reasons for a modern man that can lead to similar problems:

  • – psycho-emotional state (stresses, tensions, one-time sexual defeats and memory of them, fear of repetition, programming for failure)
  •  – diabetes mellitus (as a result of impaired blood supply and nutrition of the genitourinary system, overweight, disorders of the cardiovascular and nervous system)
  •  – hormonal imbalance (predominance of female hormones, decreased testosterone)
  •  – alcohol abuse
  •  – related functional diseases that give complications to the genitourinary system (damage to the spine, hernia, multiple sclerosis, operations on the pelvic organs, etc.)

Treatment in the clinic always begins with a complete examination of the patient.  The patient can provide diagnostic and laboratory data that he already has, the doctor analyzing them and the patient’s complaints, he will understand how much they need to be detailed in order to establish the true cause of sexual impotence.

After the doctor understands the full history of the patient, who was in the past, and what complaints he has now addressed, he offers him the most individualized treatment program.

Among the most effective impotence treatment programs at the Mediland clinic are:

  1. 1) Treatment of a patient’s erectile dysfunction with biohormonal pellets and their dosage.  The selection of biohormones and their dosage are selected based on the patient’s hormonal profile and the main complaints.  The pellet is injected into the gluteal muscle, where it is accumulated by the body within 2 weeks and stabilizes the hormonal level.  The action of the pellets from 7-9 months. Result: the level of hormones responsible for sexual health is normalized, physical indicators increase.  activity, vigor, endurance;  when combined with metformin – excess weight goes away, glucose levels normalize, with somatotropin – improved sleep, regulation of the activity phase, elimination of depression.
  2. 2) Intramuscular (local) injection of placental cell extract for the treatment of impotence. The main goal of this treatment is to eliminate the inflammatory process in the genitourinary system, improve blood circulation and circulation, relax muscle structures and activate nerve fibers) Result: this treatment is usually combined with a therapeutic one, since it is necessary to solve not only the problem of local dysfunction, but in general to reconfigure all functions.  The entire system of reproductive and sexual health is restored.  Action from 1 year (depends on further lifestyle)
  3. 3) Treatment of impotence (impotence, sexual impairment) with mesenchymal stem cells and umbilical cord blood .In therapy, you can use both your own and stem cells.  It all depends on the severity of the condition, complications of other chronic or functional diseases. Result: this therapy can be carried out both locally in the cavernous zones and intravenously to achieve a complex healing effect.  The effect of cell therapy from 1.5 to 5 years (depending on the complexity of the anamnesis)

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