Zheltonozhskaya Julia

Medical experience 18 years
Gynecologist, surgeon, health management specialist.
The leading areas of medical activity are conservative and operative gynecology, mammology, minimally invasive surgery, and proctology.
He is fluent in and improves daily the modern skills of operational and conservative methods of treatment of various gynecological and surgical pathologies. Performs more than 450 surgical interventions per year.
He is a co-author of two patents for innovative methods of treatment in gynecology
He is an active participant in medical conferences and congresses with international participation. Repeatedly participated in foreign conferences, including as a speaker, as well as with poster presentations (Paris, Berlin).
He is a member of the associations of herniologists and obstetricians and gynecologists of Ukraine.
Is the best obstetrician-gynecologist according to the Doc.Ua patient record site
Collaborates as a medical expert with the magazine “Your Baby” and is the author of many publications in the online format of the magazine.
Acts as a speaker at events dedicated to the field of family health from the editors of the magazines “Your baby” and “The only one” – Pregnansy Day and Healthy hub.
He is the leading specialist of the clinic for intimate injection practice.
Intimate filler trainer at Vivacy laboratory, NLC company.
Improving skills and acquiring new knowledge
2004 – Graduated from Lugansk State Medical University, specializing in general medicine, qualification “doctor”.
From 2004-2006 – Completed Internship in Surgery.
2009TU on “Endoscopy in surgery and gynecology” at DNMU.
Secondary specialization in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Completed residency in obstetrics and gynecology.
TU on “Pathology of the breast” at DNMU.
Moscow “24th international congress with a course of endoscopy”.
Odessa master class “Colposcopy and pathology of the cervix”.
Seminar “Issues of early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer and oncogynecological pathology”.
Paris, participant of “ESGE – 21 annual congress”.
Scientific and practical seminar “Vaginal surgery”, Vinnytsia.
Awarded a specialization in Health Management
TU on “Diseases of the cervix” DNMU.
Berlin, participant as speaker “ESGE – 22 annual congress”.
“Patent for the coryne model “Method of bloodless hysteroscopy in benign uterine processes”.
Participant as a speaker at the Plenum of the GO “Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Ukraine” Women’s Health – Topical Issues of Our Time.
Master class “Typical and special situations in colposcopy”.
Odessa, training in “Treatment of intrauterine pathology. Hysteroscopy”.
Member of the “23rd Congress of Surgeons of Ukraine”.
Participant of the “Scientific and practical conference “Modern achievements in the diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer”.
“Scientific and Practical Forum IFRM 2015”.
Teleconference “Health of mother and newborn in Ukraine”.
Practical master class “Pathology of the cervix”.
Interdisciplinary discussion club “Urology, andrology for obstetricians and gynecologists”.
Scientific and practical conference with international participation “New achievements in gynecological surgery”.Interregional scientific and practical conference “Healthy family – healthy generation”.
15th Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation “Clinical and technological challenges in staged and reconstructive surgery. Gunshot and household wounds, electric welding and joining of living tissues. Diabetic Foot Syndrome.
Scientific-practical conference with international participation “Pathology of mucous membranes in women. Immunological and age features.
School “Harmony of hormones – the basis of health”, Kyiv.
Practical master class “Diagnosis of pathology of the cervix. Colposcopy. Cytomorphology”, Kyiv.
Conference “Service in a medical institution”, Kyiv.
Awarded with a diploma, with the title of “The Best Obstetrician-Gynecologist for December 2015 according to the Doc.ua website”.
Scientific and practical conference with international participation “Endometriosis – a mystery of the 21st century”, Odessa.
Scientific and practical conference with international participation “Modern aspects of the preservation and restoration of women’s health”, Vinnitsa.
School seminar “Women’s Health 40+”.
Forum with international participation “Cervix, Vterus”.
Scientific and practical conference “Evolutionary gynecology”.
Scientific-practical conference “Diseases of the mammary glands”.
Scientific-practical conference “Minimum invasive surgery of small organs