Mishchenko Mikhail Vladimirovich

Doctor proctologist of the highest category, surgeon
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Medical experience 22 years
In his practice, he adheres to the golden rule of solving problems of any complexity with minimal discomfort for the patient.
Full member of the European Association of Coloproctologists (ESCP).
The doctor is an expert of the analog of the TV project Embarrassing Bodies (STB channel) – it provides consultations, diagnostics, and treatment.
He is the best proctologist according to the version of the patient record service Doc.ua. Author of more than 30 scientific works on proctology and surgery, 3 patents for discoveries, more than 10 rac. offers. He was awarded the Gratitude of the President of Ukraine For the vagomiy of special contributions to the Ukrainian Parliament. Improving skills:
Professional development in the framework of individual study and practical courses in France, Israel, Spain.
Participation in the conference Budapest Proctology Meeting 2018, Budapest, Hungary.
Participation in the 20th Dusseldorf International Endoscopy Symposium.