Stem cell reviews and reports about Alzheimer’s disease

Stem cell reviews and reports about Alzheimer’s disease

The best results of cell therapy are observed in the early stages of the development of Alzheimer’s disease, therefore, when the first signs appear, you should consult a doctor. As a result of stem cell transplantation, the process of disintegration of brain neurons is suspended, and the development of the disease slows down or even stops for a while.

But even in the later stages of the disease, the use of cell therapy can stabilize the patient’s mental state and suspend the process memory impairment and deformation of intelligence.

We present one of the results of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease as a clear example of improvement after therapy for 4 months , after the introduction of stem cells ( MSC of umbilical cord and hematopoietic, intravenous and lumbar into the spinal cord)

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