Stem cell treatment for encephalopathy and schizophrenia in Ukraine

Stem cell treatment for encephalopathy and schizophrenia in Ukraine

Encephalopathy is a general term for diffuse non-inflammatory diseases of the brain, regardless of whether it is congenital or acquired pathology (against the background of various infections, chronic somatic problems, vascular pathology, poisoning, trauma, alcoholism, hypovitaminosis, etc.).  In fact, we are talking about ischemia and hypoxia of the brain tissue, leading to the death (apoptosis) of nerve cells, which, as a rule, is clinically manifested by neurosis-like and psychopathic disorders.

The earliest symptoms of encephalopathy are memory impairment (especially for recent events), decreased mental performance, visual acuity and hearing, difficulty changing activities.  In addition, sleep inversion (insomnia at night and drowsiness during the day), increased fatigue, and discoordination of movements are characteristic.  In some cases, in addition to this, there are significant mental disorders.

stem cells encephalopathy

Treatment of encephalopathy largely depends on the underlying cause.  However, it should not be based solely on the therapy of the underlying disease and the leveling of provoking factors; symptomatic orientation is very important here.

The use of stem cells contributes to the improvement of metabolic processes in the brain and the restoration of its lost functions.  This tactic is especially relevant and justified at the very onset of the disease, when there are fairly high chances of a full recovery.  The meaning of this approach is to replace cells damaged as a result of exposure to endo- or exogenous factors with new ones, which originate from stem cells-progenitors introduced into the patient’s body from outside.

According to the accumulated experience, in the course of cell therapy for the treatment of encephalopathy, stem cells, injected intravenously, penetrate with the blood flow into the brain tissue, where they replace previously damaged neurons (nerve cells of the brain), and it is in the place where the lesion is located.  …  In addition, they produce substances that stimulate regeneration processes, as a result of which nerve cells are restored in the affected areas and new blood vessels grow.  Thanks to this, the disturbed activity of the brain is gradually resumed, and neurological symptoms are eliminated.

As a result of such treatment, patients’ memory, mental performance, vision and hearing improve, as well as the general tone of the body, sleep is normalized and mental disorders come to naught.  That is, in a word, the treatment of encephalopathy with stem cells ensures a speedy recovery and allows a person to return to the usual way of life.

Cell therapy is by far the most modern and best way to restore brain function in encephalopathies of various origins.  The most important thing is to start treatment immediately when the earliest signs of the disease are detected, when the focus of brain cell damage is minimal.

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