Stem cells rejuvenation by own fibroblasts (self-fibroblast rejuvenation) in Kiev

Stem cells rejuvenation by own fibroblasts (self-fibroblast rejuvenation) in Kiev

Most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity spend a lot of money on high-tech hardware procedures, from which they do not get the desired result.  This is due to the fact that the devices are only able to correct age-related changes.  At the same time, the cause of these problems is not affected, because it is at the cellular level.  It is possible to qualitatively influence the cellular level only with the help of SPRS-therapy.  SPRS therapy (self-fibroblast rejuvenation) is one of the most modern and effective technologies used in cosmetology today.  It provides rejuvenation of the skin at the cell level by including all the reserves of the human body into the work.  Stimulation of the process occurs due to the body’s own fibroblasts – “cells of youth”.

Who is SPRS therapy for?

The material based on the SPRS principle is autologous.  Connective tissue cells – fibroblasts, are removed from the patient’s skin and injected into him.  This therapy is absolutely safe.

Fibroblasts are not perceived by the body as something unnatural and alien.  Under laboratory conditions, thousands of new “youth cells” are grown on the basis of fibroblasts.  Thus, their high productivity and activity are guaranteed.  After skin rejuvenation with fibroblasts, the skin becomes firm, elastic, filled with vitality and strength.  Also, thanks to SPRS-therapy, the complexion is evened out, pigmentation disappears, wrinkles are smoothed.  SPRS therapy will restore the skin at the micro level.

The main indications for SPRS therapy are:

  1. Hyperpigmentation.
  2. Acne scars and scars.
  3. Expression and age wrinkles.
  4. Tissue prolapse (gravitational and age-related ptosis).
  5. Unhealthy, dull complexion.
  6. Skin that has lost its firmness and elasticity.
  7. The need for skin rehabilitation after laser resurfacing, peeling, plastic surgery.

The procedure does not involve special training.  All actions are performed by a highly qualified cosmetologist.  A few days before taking a skin sample and immediately before the procedure, you should stop smoking and alcoholic beverages.

At a preliminary consultation, the cosmetologist will conduct an examination, listen to all your wishes, and, if necessary, appoint auxiliary studies.

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Fibroblast rejuvenation in clinic Mediland:

Before deciding on SPRS therapy, the risk of contraindications should be excluded:

  • Hemophilia.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Oncology.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • The presence of infectious and inflammatory processes at the site of the procedure.
  • Features of SPRS therapy

SPRS therapy is carried out in a course.  The frequency and number of sessions are determined by the cosmetologist.

We suggest you take a closer look at the technology of SPRS therapy.  The first step is taking a skin sample.  The cosmetologist takes a sample from the patient’s ear.  It is this area that is least of all exposed to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.  The sample size is within 4 millimeters in diameter.  After taking the material, the wound is treated.  After a while, it heals on its own.  Fibroblasts are isolated from the obtained sample under laboratory conditions.

The second stage is skin diagnostics and development of a correction program.  Using laboratory methods, the ability of the fibroblasts present in the sample to divide and further produce collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and other important components is assessed.  The obtained data are entered into the so-called “Patient Skin Passport”.

Based on the data obtained in the Passport, the cosmetologist develops an individual SPRS program.  It will restore the microstructure of the skin and improve its general condition.

The third stage is the production of the drug.  Within two months in the laboratory, the fibroblasts removed from the sample are grown to the required amount.  During cultivation, careful selection is made: cells that are not capable of dividing or inactive are removed.  SPRS therapy involves the use of only those fibroblasts that have been able to maintain high activity.  The finished product is delivered as a suspension to the clinic.  This suspension contains millions of fibroblasts.

At the fourth stage, the drug is injected.  The cosmetologist injects the drug into the skin using thin needles.  As a result, the total number of active fibroblasts in the skin increases.  New cells synthesize important components that improve overall skin health.  Thanks to the action of these components, the structure of the skin, its elasticity and firmness are perfectly restored.  In addition, the aging process of the skin is significantly slowed down.

Please note: part of the finished fibroblasts can be placed in a special cryobank.  If necessary, you can use these cells at any time to make an SPRS preparation.

SPRS-therapy result:

  • The action of SPRS-therapy is prolonged.  After treatment, the effect of this therapy increases.
  • Thanks to SPRS therapy, you can achieve amazing results:
  • Skin condition improves dramatically.
  • Firmness and elasticity are restored.
  • The skin gets an even tone.
  • Reduction and complete elimination of wrinkles.

Rejuvenation to one degree or another occurs at all levels – blood pressure is normalized, the condition of hair and nails improves, and the collagen content in the dermis increases.

You can appreciate all the benefits of SPRS therapy with the help of the Mediland specialists.  High professionalism and service are guaranteed!

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