Stem cell treatment in modern Mediland clinic in Kiev

Stem cell treatment in modern Mediland clinic in Kiev

Stem cell therapy is a promising area of ​​modern medicine.  This direction is based on the use of the regenerative potential of stem cells, the main purpose of which is the treatment of various diseases, rehabilitation after injuries, and the fight against premature aging of the human body.

In Ukraine, the use of stem cells for the treatment of various diseases began to be used in the last decade.  In the course of numerous studies, information has been obtained about the positive effect of such treatment in various diseases.

The importance of using stem cells in treatment

Relatively rare, but at the same time a very important population of stem cells are multipotent mesenchymal (stem cells (hereinafter – MSC). They have a wide range of applications in modern regenerative medicine. MSCs are isolated from adipose tissue and bone marrow. They are ways of differentiation into chondrocytes,  adipocytes, cells of a neurogenic direction, etc. In addition, therapy with stem cells contributes to a more effective and prompt recovery of the body.

With the use of the patient’s own, that is, autologous cells with separated MSCs, there is no need to obtain donor biological materials for treatment.

Scientists have found that self-renewal and regeneration of the body is a natural process, and stem cells are special cells found in all tissues and organs of our body.

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary breakthrough in treatment and / or rehabilitation.  With the help of stem cells, a huge list of dangerous diseases can be cured: from stroke to diabetes, from cerebral palsy to liver cirrhosis.  Also, stem cells are able to cope with burns, injuries, hereditary diseases.  In addition, stem cells inhibit the aging process.

Mediland in Kiev is a modern clinic equipped with the latest technology.  The clinic staff are real professionals in their field, with extensive work experience.  We apply an individual approach to each patient.

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Features of treatment with stem cells in Mediland

The essence of stem cell treatment is their extraction and transplantation to the patient.  After “implanting” the donor cells destroy the cells infected with the disease, because they perceive them as foreign and foreign.

Mediland doctors use several stem cell transplant options.  This is primarily an autologous transplant.  The essence of this variant of the operation is the transplantation of one’s own stem cells.  The biomaterial is extracted from the patient’s own bone marrow.  Autologous transplant is used only in cases where the disease has not damaged the bone marrow.

Another transplant option is allogeneic transplantation.  The essence of this operation is as follows: stem cells are removed from the donor and transplanted to the patient.  The only condition is that the seized biomaterial must be 100% compatible.  That is why a blood relative must be the donor.  It is extremely rare that a transplant can be carried out from an unrelated donor (if the donor material is fully compatible with the recipient).

The main type of stem cells harvested is hematopoietic stem cells.  The most commonly used material is bone marrow.  Also can be applied: umbilical or peripheral blood, placenta, adipose tissue, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord tissue.

The most commonly used grafting materials are bone marrow combined with peripheral blood.  For the time being, cell therapy is removing the emphasis on the use of umbilical cord blood.  It contains a large number of hematopoietic stem cells.  The umbilical cord blood is drawn at the moment when the baby is just born and the umbilical cord is separated from the baby.

We invite you to pay attention to several examples of the use of stem cells.

Today, cirrhosis of the liver is a widespread disease.  The thing is that the liver is under enormous stress every day.  Under the influence of certain factors, it begins to gradually collapse.

In the process of treating the liver with stem cells, the patient’s own cells can be used.  The surgeon extracts the biomaterial from the bone marrow, after which, under specially created conditions, the material is grown to the appropriate volume.  The planted biomaterial activates the growth of the “new liver”.

Multiple sclerosis – damage to the nervous system with the subsequent appearance of neurological symptoms.  Stem cell treatment of multiple sclerosis involves the transplantation of mesenchymal and hematopoietic cells in large volumes.  As an adjunct, immunosuppressive drugs can be used.

In most cases, stem cells are used to rejuvenate the skin.  As a result of their application, wrinkles and dryness of the skin disappear, the skin color is evened out.

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Stem cell treatment cost

The price of stem cell treatment in Kiev depends on the method and drugs used.  So, for example, the cost of rejuvenation with own fibroblasts is from 4500 USD dollars;  intravenous regenerative injection of stem cell  for treatment – from 6000 USD dollars.

Patient reviews about stem cells results treatment:

Feedback from Mediland patients in Kiev confirms the professionalism of the staff: “On the advice of a friend, I decided to rejuvenate my facial skin using an innovative method – the use of stem cells.  I turned to the specialists of  Mediland .  The result exceeded even the most courageous expectations – I got ten years younger!  I recommend to everyone ”(Inga, 55 years old);  “I am very grateful to the Medical doctors for the high-quality operation of skin rejuvenation.  The manipulation was carried out quickly, as for the rehabilitation period, it never happened ”(Violetta, 46 years old);  “I used to think that getting rid of deep wrinkles was impossible.  What methods I just didn’t use … The specialists of Mediland convinced me of the effectiveness of stem cell treatment.  I tried it, and I don’t regret it at all! ”  (Christina, 45 years old).

“ My treatment program in Mediland using stem cells was really successful, I had problems with alcohol intoxication   and problems with liver, now the problem is not so actual, I see the progress” ( John, Spain 36 years).

“ For many years I had suffered from COPD, its rather serious disease, I had different treatment programs in USA but without any result. My last hope was stem cells treatment. After first course of treatment  I became to breath better and muscle spams were disappeared , and my immune system  now is more strength. I plan to visit the clinic once more” ( Federick, USA 53 years)

“ Lame disease made me too weak and I found different tradition and innovation methods of treatment , but any success. I tried to used stem cells treatment, at first visit I felt some improvements: better sleep, I had affords to work a little, I had better concentration.  Then I repeated the therapy twice, and now I return to the work again” ( Janine, Sweden 41 years)

We have many different reviews from  our patient and will prepare separate article about it.

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