One of the most pressing problems of modern health care is the treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, which is due to their massive prevalence and globalization of the population.  An inflammatory process is a characteristic feature of the entire group of viral diseases.  For most of the viral diseases, including the current coronavirus, there is no specific treatment.  Now there are quite a few articles, successful evidence-based protocols for the treatment of acute respiratory diseases, complications in the form of pneumonia – mesenchymal stem cells.  The mechanism of such a therapeutic effect lies in the ability of stem cells to suppress the inflammatory process, as well as in a powerful immunomodulatory function.

stem cells covid-virus

In the current situation of the spread of coronavirus, clinical trials were mainly carried out on patients who were infected with the virus in varying degrees of severity.  The results of mesenchymal cell therapy were assessed in the context of 7-14 days after the therapy.  This treatment has shown that mesenchymal cells can heal or significantly improve functional results without the observed side effects.  Pulmonary function and symptoms in the test patients improved significantly 2 days after the injection of MSC cells.  All patients who received stem cell treatment were cured within 2 to 10 days (depending on the severity of the symptoms).  Source:

After treatment: peripheral lymphocytes were increased, C-reactive protein decreased, and over-activated cytokine-secreting immune cells CXCR3 + CD4 + T cells, CXCR3 + CD8 + T cells and CXCR3 + NK cells disappeared after 3-6 days.  In addition, the CD14 + CD11c + CD11b group CXCR3 + CD8 + T cells and CXCR3 + NK cells disappeared after 3-6 days.  In addition, the CD14 + CD11c + CD11b group CXCR3 + CD8 + T cells and CXCR3 + NK cells disappeared after 3-6 days.  In addition, the CD14 + CD11c + CD11b group, the average regulatory DC cell population increased dramatically.  Meanwhile, TNF-α levels decreased significantly, while IL-10 levels increased in the MSC treatment group compared to the placebo control group.  In addition, the gene expression profile showed that the MSCs were ACE2 – and TMPRSS2 – indicating that the MSCs were free of COVID-19 infection.  Thus, intravenous transplantation of MSCs has been safe and effective for treating patients with COVID-19 pneumonia, especially critically ill patients.



How does infection occur biologically in plain language?

Before entering the cell of our body, any virus uses a protein that is in the cell, namely ACE2.  This protein in its normal state is directly related to the work of the cardiovascular system, the work of the lungs, and the regulation of blood pressure.  It is  who is the “gateway” for coronavirus infection.  This is the direct connection with the patient’s age, the older the patient, the more active this protein in his body.

With the introduction of mesenchymal stem cells, they differentially act on this protein, which can significantly improve the patient’s condition and the speed of recovery.

To date, the high efficiency of drugs from mesenchymal stem cells has been proven both for the treatment and prevention of viral diseases.

As a preventive action, therapy is aimed at activating nonspecific immunity.  Nonspecific immunity is activated immediately after the penetration of a foreign antigen into the body, it is carried out using natural barriers and special cells capable of phagocytosis (absorption of foreign objects).  It is for the purpose of activating the immune defense function of the body that families of healthy, non-mutated mesenchymal cells are introduced at the cellular and molecular level, which are the natural components of the body to fight foreign antigens.

Our clinic offers patients 2 types of programs:

THERAPEUTIC PROGRAM for strengthening the immune system to counteract coronavirus and other viral infections.  The program is based on mesenchymal stem cell therapy.

Preparation of a therapeutic dose of a cell preparation of MSCs from 5-10 days (depending on the patient’s age and the presence of concomitant diseases).Thus, this therapy is aimed at the formation of non-specific immunity that is able to resist the effects of the virus.

BIOSURANCE PROGRAM –  in other words, preliminary preparation and storage in the cryobank of cell preparations for patients who decided in advance to prepare a preparation from stem cells for themselves in case of infection and development of viral pneumonia.

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