About Clinic

We live in amazing time: in the period of the newest technologies development, including biotechnologies, flourishing of cellular (also called cell) and tissue therapy, that help to manage diseases, which were incurable before.

Stem cells are one of the most astonishing discoveries of modern medicine, which is able to alter concept of treatment of many diseases and give people the main things — youth, strength, longevity and sometimes the only chance to survive.

What is so interesting about stem cells? Explorations of stem cells extended our knowledge about the way how our organism develops from a single cell and how new healthy cells in adult organism replace injured cells.

Study of stem cells characteristics opened broad possibilities for cellular therapy application in treatment of many severe diseases. Stem cells are progenitors and precursors for all types of cells and tissues in organism. They have unique biological potential. In transplantation donor’s stem cells are not recognized as “foreign” and may fulfill their vital functions. In response to signal molecules appearance they migrate into center of injure where they launch reparative (restoration) processes and also they differentiate into appropriate specialized cells and tissues. As a result, the effect of injured tissues and organs restoration is achieved.

SmartCell Center, scientific-research, specialized medical-diagnostic facility, that became the base for clinic, was founded in 2003, in Kiev. Specialists of the SmartCell Center developed and introduced into medical practice the newest scientific achievements in the area of cell technologies, cryomedicine and non-medicinal methods of treatment. Unique personal methodics of stem cells treatment are protected with numerous patents and certificates of recognition. They have obtained international acknowledgement and have demonstrated high effectiveness in clinical practice.

In 2014, the Clinic of the SmartCell Center among a few medical institutions of Ukraine successfully passed prestigeous international certification ISO 9001:2008. Certificate ISO 9001:2008 was awarded to the SmartCell Center by certifying company TÜV Rheinland / LGA InterCert (Germany) after thorough audit towards compliance of the quality management system of the Clinic to the requirements of international standard.

International certificate ISO 9001:2008 provides additional guarantees of the highest quality services delivered to the patients of the Institute Clinic.

certThe main direction of Clinic activity are:

  • treatment with stem cells of the following diseases (stroke,   diabetes mellitus, joints diseases, cardio-vascular diseases, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, rehabilitation after chemotherapy and others), where traditional therapy is not effective;
  • anti-aging therapy and rejuvenation of the organism;
  • cosmetology with placenta extract application.

Clinic plays an important role in the successful development of cellular therapy. Efficiency of the treatment depends on specialists’ professional skills, their responsibility, and also on the technologies, with which the medical facility is equipped.

Our clinic is equipped with modern instruments and has all the possibilities for out-patient and in-patient treatment, and also for diagnostic examinations and rehabilitation measures.

Specialists deliver highly professional medical care in diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with complex diseases of any etiology, when traditional methods of treatment are not effective. Clinic has all the medical technologies, which allow to diagnose during the shortest period of time and to determine the scope of patient’s problems.

We present to your attention by far not complete list of diseases, that are treated with substantial success, using cellular technologies, developed in the SmartCell Center:

  • diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system: strokes, rehabilitation after strokes and craniocerebral traumas; 
  • endocrine diseases: insulin-independent diabetes, complications of insulin-dependent diabetes and insulin-independent diabetes, hypothyroidism;
  • cardio-vascular diseases: ischemic heart disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathies;
  • gastro-intestinal diseases: liver cirrhosis, infectious and toxic hepatitis, consequences of B and C hepatitis, pancreatitis, stomach and duodenal ulcer;
  • diseases of musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis, spinal osteochondrosis, hip joint dysplasia, traumas and also trauma consequences;
  • immunodeficiency condition after chemotherapy course in cancer patients treatment;
  • urogenital diseases: prostatitis, potency disorders, disorders of reproductive function in men and women;

Curative and sanitation Programs of the Clinic propose not only effective treatment of complex chronic diseases, but aging prophylaxis and rejuvenation. Anti-aging therapy with the application of the stem cells and placenta extract preparation, that is developed by the specialists of the SmartCell Center, allows to interrupt aging processes and to gain body restoration for younger and more active functional level.